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Anime Expo 2010

Hey everyone! I went to AX this past weekend!

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honeyroyalty and I left on Thursday afternoon to get our con passes and scope out the exhibit hall, which closed within 15 minutes of our arrival. No time to buy anything! Boo, it's OK, we came back all four days. :) After that we waiting in line for the Yoshiki Foundation Benefit Bash. We met up with a whole bunch of friends including mariedauphine, tamtamchanfan among many, many others! (I don't know their livejournal accounts. )

Once we got in everyone seemed to scatter, and I had a hard time finding anyone. We waited around forever for the h.naoto fashion show which was so amazing! I wish I could have gotten closer, I had to watch it on a screen in a corner. Our friend Brian, who we also happen to be staying with over the weekend, won second place for the masquerade contest! Once they started filming the X Japan bit, David and I were spent and wanted to leave but we had to wait for Brian, so we rested for a bit. They had go go dancers in cages suspended in the air wearing nothing but underwear and chains to look like a rib cage. Pretty hardcore, right? I enjoyed it.

After that was all over, it was 12:30 or so, and Brian comes rushing out saying their not done but he has to move his car because the lot closes at 1:00. David and I had no idea so we all ran over to the parking garage and we got harassed by some thugs D: We just ignored them and kept running. It was my first time wearing my rocking horse shoes, so I almost ate dirt a few times.

Over the next few days Anime Expo was pretty much the same, we slept in too much and got to the con late, went to the exhibit hall and bought some stuff. Afterwards we hung out with some new friends! BTW, if you guys haven't added me on facebook yet, go ahead and add me!

I didn't buy too many things throughout the weekend, because I've been buying things online. I bought an h.naoto posted (they didn't have anything I wanted at the booth), a giant listen flavor t-shirt which I plan on reconstructing, a pink and gold Putumayo carousel skirt (came with a calender!) and I think that's it. I feel constant buyers remorse even though I didn't get much because I am unemployed now. David broke the bank but that's another story XD

This whole time were were staying at mamoru_kun09 and Brian's apartment! It was so nice of them to let us stay with them, and we had so much fun both at the con and at home with them! Ah memories :D


Shameless Plug, but I am auctioning off my bare top Starry Night Theater JSK in blue here as well as selling a dress from Atelier Pierrot I bought and didn't like. God I'm so fickle. XP

Whoa so much going on

So last weekend was Fantaisies dans le Monde des Rêves! I was super pumped for this event, and I got to meet so many wonderful people. Everyone was so fabulous and stunning! Unfortunately, the event itself was a huge let down and I feel like I wasted $65. I got some flyers, a mug of Lipton tea and cake. Oh, and the privilege to spend lots of money at the boutique. Angelic Pretty didn't bring ANYTHING I wanted! I wanted those bloomers with the garters for your socks, and I didn't see any socks I wanted or anything. I also wanted to see some of their non-print dresses they recently came out with in real life.

It was worth going though, no matter how crazy and stressful it was. Killed my feet, not as bad as last time! I need to start wearing heels more and get some mighty callouses!

I did not sleep that night... Thank God for makeup.

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I've become obsessed with Facebook lately. It's just such an excellent resource -- really confusing to use, but still. It's great and I'm getting used to it. I feel giddy, like when I discovered myspace only I'm not wasting my time making a supah kawaii layout and actually using the darn thing!

Then I went to the zoo with my mom for her company picnic! Free admission, free food, and free tickets to go to the Wild Animal Park in the next 30 days too! SCORE! I took a ton of pictures, you can see them on my facebook if you want!

ALSO honeyroyaly and mamoru_kun09 and I were in the first issue of ELECTRIC TRASH! I love that magazine, I want to help contribute! Maybe I can volunteer for events in my area??

Woo, going to Disneyland with honeyroyalty, faunkegin and her friend tomorrow! Going to have a BLAST!! I can't wait!

Some pictures and events!

OMG I'm in serious need of an update here.

This last weekend honeyroyalty and I decided last minute to go to the Glamorous event hosted by the Diamond gal circle at Kira Kira Purikura! It was a lot of fun and we finally got to meet mamoru_kun09 and Brian! Also planning to go to Disneyland this weekend before honeyroyalty goes to Hawaii!

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That was a ton of fun. I'm really glad I went, I risked a lot because of my financial situation for just going. I felt a little ostracized, women are seriously vapid and vicious creatures. I think I made a good first attempt at a gyaru inspired outfit/makeup with what I had on such short notice.

It's been officially announced to me that my company that I work for is shutting its doors at the end of June. My boss started crying, he's pretty emotional and stressed about everything right now. I have until the end of June to save up some money, and then I can collect some money in unemployment. I plan on working for Stu Segall Productions down in San Diego again, it could be fun. I also want to see if I can work for them in wardrobe. They are filming a show called "Terriers" right now, I have no idea what it's about but I'm sure they can find something for me.

A few weekends ago honeyroyalty and I met up with tamtamchanfan, matsuparadise and rainb0wchan to see Moon Kana and DJ SiSen perform at the Bootleg theater! The concert was so amazing I had a blast, until my feet died but it was still fun!

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My sister's moving out! I get my own room! I can't wait until I get my own space! Going to get clouds on my walls!

I'm almost done with my sewing class! I feel confident with my abilities now and I want to start designing my own clothes. I want to buy a really nice sewing machine with embroidery *o*

Life Update

Things have been looking up for me. I got my unemployment check earlier than expected, however it was a measly $38. The first week doesn't count so next time it should be like $80 or so. I hope. I really wish my boss would let me go so I could get my full $192 a week! That's more than I'm making now and I would have more time to myself. Anyway it's good to have the extra money.

This weekend honeyroyalty and I went to Disneyland! We had a lot of fun, it wasn't too crowded and we got to ride everything we wanted.

I need extensions plz

We had to leave early (no fireworks) so honeyroyalty could go to work at 5:00 am the following morning. He had to pay $45 to go on a blockout date but it was worth it!

I went to Discount Tire the other day to harass them about my locking lug nuts. They gave me the lug nut key with absolutely no hassle whatsoever. Then I then went and visited David in the gardening center at Target because we were right there. I keep going to these stores and makes me want to build a garden so bad. I wonder if my mom would let me build a small greenhouse for potted plants? I know she won't let me till her soil and that's OK. The soil in Oceanside is so shitty it's basically concrete.

I am finally getting used to my new phone, the BlackBerry 8220 (Pearl flip) and I'm learning to love it. There's good news with this. As of now, I spend about $70 on my phone service. If I take data off of my plan, I can save $20 a month! My phone has wifi enabled so it's not like I would be giving it up entirely. I think it's a great idea. You should see the browser on my phone, it's such a joke.

This morning I went to Pep Boys to get a free brake inspection. I dropped off my car and Brandon took me to work. He's been driving me back and forth from work and school since last Thursday. I hope he doesn't feel like I'm using him!

There's this Mexican food restaurant inside of a Chevron gas station by my house called King Burrito, and on Sundays (or whenever they feel like it) they have a $0.99 fish taco special! They are simple and so delicious, and very filling. I know where I'm getting my fix!

So my weight has been everywhere lately. Sometimes I am a lard balloon and other times I feel pretty skinny. I'm pretty sure it's physical and not emotional because even Brandon noticed. But I really want to take dancing lessons this summer at Mira Costa. honeyroyalty said he would take it with me! We want to get wild be sexy!

Can't wait for all the events coming up! I want to go see SiSen and Kana, see LM.C, go to Anime Expo, and other things PLUS I want to go to Disneyland more! No blockout dates for me!

It's raining outside!

What's up guys??

I haven't been too busy, just the usual work then school backwards and forwards. I went to school today and I blame me not eating, but I was sort of retarded. It took me all class to finish an invisible zipper sample, that I already did half the work. :( I was mostly seam ripping the darn thing.

Calorie Mates totally come in handy for days like that when you have to work through any sort of break.

Last week after class, I went to Mitsuwa dressed up loli with honeyroyalty and Savannah, my friend from school. Yes, we wore lolita to a Japanese grocery store.

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I want to go out on lolita outings like this more often. If I had more than two dresses I totally would, but I found out recently that I absolutely can not afford anything. My savings have depleated and I am terrified that my car will break down. It's really hard to afford sewing class when I have to buy such expensive fabric, zippers, fancy thread, fancy needles etc. when I'm working part time.

Don't even get me started about work. Doing a full-time workload at three days a week? Yeah, only natural I would fall behind. I would get paid more money if I was unemoployed.

ANYWAY I have a phone interview for unemployment tomorrow (coincidentally while I'm working) and we're receiving a financial audit from the insurance company at the same time. We'll see how that works out LOL

I still want to go to Japan in October but if I don't get a full time job for at least $12/hr soon, it will have to wait until next year. As of now I can't even afford a passport. When I get that though, I can go to Mexico and buy medicine so I can get away with not having health insurance. I'm still screwed if I have an emergency though.

That reminds me. I've been having problems with my phone for the last few months and as of now I can not make a phone call unplugged for more than two minutes without loosing all connection and my battery dying. They sent me four brand spanking new phones and they have all had the same problem. It's crazy, I'm not the only person having this problem but T-Mobile will not acknowlege it. You'll laugh when you hear the two phone options they offered me. The Samsung Gravity 2 or the Blackberry Pearl. WHAT THE FUCK MAN. I just wish my amazing and awesome Sidekick would start working again. I don't want a shitty phone to replace it.

I've done some shopping around and pretty much the only phone I would be happy with would be the Motorola Cliq or the G1. Brandon said that when he gets a new phone I can have his G1, but I need a phone. I can't sign a new contract because I have Flexpay. When I signed it I had zero credit so this plan means I cannot really alter it. That means no discounts, no extending contracts etc. I think when I get some money I'll just buy a Cliq off of eBay, they're between $200-$300. I won't get anything for selling my Sidekick though.

The debate is, should I buy a new phone, or buy BURANDO. Um you know which I want better. Another option is I could lower my monthly plan by $25 a month and get rid of data services and get a normal phone. OMG. It's crazy. But I would be saving so much money a month and I could finally get that pink Motorola SLVR I've always wanted. Hahaha don't judge me.

Here's my life, living paycheck to paycheck. Never thought I'd be in this sort of situation.

Mitsuwa and Shameless Self Promoting!


Anyway, MITSUWA!!
I went to Mitsuwa again and spent money I don't have on frivolous things! Wooo!

I bought:

Lux super damage shampoo and condition refills. Seriously addicted to this stuff, it's wonderful.
Three packs of Calorie Made, I got chocolate cheese and a new flavor, MAPLE! Doesn't that sound delicious??
Collagen supplements. I've only taken these for a week but I can already see a difference so I got some more.
The March issue of Kera! I really love the spreads in this one, as always!
And a huge thing of milk tea again! Here's a picture honeyroyalty being junkies:

We were talking to this cute cashier girl who was wearing an alice bow and a bolero over her grocery uniform. It was so adorable! She was super nice, can't wait to go there again and see her!

Then we went into Book Off to see if they had any awesome old manga (I was looking for Paradise Kiss). They didn't have it which is OK because I am poor. We went to look at CDs and we met a girl named Jen who was into all the music honeyroyalty likes and a lot of hardcore music. I don't think she liked me because I'm on the other end of the music spectrum hahaha. She got honeyroyalty's phone number, how sly! You go girl.

We met Cris and only_frodo at Barnes and Noble the other night and OMG, they are just like honeyroyalty and I but more fabulous! And they are our age and live right by us, it's crazy we never met before! They went to a different high school for smart kids while we were stuck at shitty El Camino. Boooo. We're going to try to go to the Polysics concert in San Diego with them! I'm excited, I love their new album. I really enjoy discovering new music and making new friends.

PS: I really love this song: